Farmers island-wide complained that relevant State and Governmental authorities and officials were denying much needed water for crops including paddy, despite reservoirs spilling over due to heavy rain.

The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) highlighted that there was no shortage of water.
The All Ceylon Peasants Federation (ACPF) informed that while the problem was across the country, Districts such as Hambantota, Moneragala, Kurunegala, Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura, Trincomalee, Matale, Badulla, Mahiyangana and Puttalam, were badly affected, especially adversely impacting paddy.

JVP North Western Provincial Councilor and the National Organizer of the ACPF, Namal Karunaratne said that another result of all this is that the area of land cultivated this time around is less and thus the government which has to spend Rs 5,000 on the fertilizer subsidy allowance per acre, can get away from doing so by saving a large sum which should rightfully be spent on providing fertilizer and be given to farmers.

Meanwhile, farmers in the Karangawa area in Ampara had complained that due to the failure of the relevant authorities and officials in charge of managing the water obtained from the Karangawa tank, 30 to 40 acres of paddy out of a total area of 200 acres had already been destroyed due to the lack of water while the rest of the crop was also dying. (RLJ)