Mobile games aren’t usually all that much to talk about when it comes to gaming mechanics or depth of story. Think of some of the most popular games of the past few years; Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga, and Temple Run. They all have a simple mechanic with variations on it to keep things interesting. The most annoying feature of mobile games like these is having to spend real money to advance faster in the game. Some of the apps on this list do have that feature, but most of them are good fun that a range of people will enjoy, and all of them are free.

Pokemon-Go1. Pokémon Go  
It’s the game that’s on everyone’s mind right now – either you’re playing it (and loving it) or you’re not and you’re annoyed. The game isn’t out for Sri Lanka right now, but it is a revolutionary game that will surely change the mobile gaming industry. Using augmented reality, that is reality with superimposed technology in it, the game allows players to cover real life distances to catch Pokémon. Once a player has passed a certain level, they can meet up with friends and battle other players for real spots on the map. While you can shell out real money to buy things in the store, the game is good enough and enjoyable enough to be played without ever siphoning off your credit card.

King-Rabbit2. King Rabbit
An indie game that’s only available on iOS, King Rabbit is a sequel to Furdemption by developer Raresloth, but it needs no mastery of the first game to enjoy the second. A puzzle game with an old school Gameboy feel to it, King Rabbit is masterfully designed, with 96 levels that will lead you from fun to frustration. The basic premise is that you have to figure out how to rescue the bunny princess by navigating bombs, fire, blades and monsters while also impeccably timing your moves. The art work is cute, but don’t let it fool you – you’re apt to get stuck more than once. A fulfilling game all around.

Path-to-Luma3. Path to Luma
Available on both iOS and Android, Path to Luma is a game with a message and was developed by NRG and Phosphor Games Studio. Path to Luma is all about finding clean energy to power the homes on the world SAM, the galaxy-traversing Sustainability Augmentation Model Android, is visiting. With gentle music and great sound effects, the game soothes and is ideal for playing in a quiet moment. As far as puzzle games go, it’s not your run of the mill dungeon game, the puzzles are pleasantly difficult with interesting mechanics and beautifully rendered worlds. It is definitely worth checking out.

Covet4. Covet
Covet is a fashion game with one big difference – all the clothes available in the game are digital versions of real clothes. This means that players can even buy the clothes in the game in real life if they want to. The game is run in real time – challenges are set for players to create looks and then players themselves vote on the looks and are rewarded for high scores. Available on both iOS and android, the real world aspect of the game keeps it grounded and accessible and is an interesting game to try if you are into fashion.

Mimpi-Dreams5. Mimpi Dreams
Available on both Playstore and the App Store, Mimpi Dreams has a touch of quality about it so that it comes as no surprise to learn it is also a PC game presented on Steam (albeit at a price). In it, you play as Mimpi, a little white dog. The game is a side-scroller and features puzzles that are not too difficult to solve. The gameplay is reminiscent of a console controller, and it also utilises the screen’s touchscreen capabilities to solve puzzles. The artwork is lovely, adding to the quirkiness of the game. Overall, Mimpi Dreams is simply a delight to play.