A six-month-old girl has made a splash by breaking the record for the world’s youngest water skier. Zyla St Onge managed to glide 686ft (209m) on her own across a manmade lake in Florida, with adults treading water along her journey.

Although she can’t even walk yet, the 30-inch baby appeared to be a natural as she stood on junior-size water skis and gripped a handle bar. The fact her parents are professional water skiers may have given her a slight advantage. Her father Kevin believes Zyla could have travelled even further if the boat hadn’t reached the end of the lake.

According to the World Barefoot Centre, the record for the youngest water skier has been held for decades by Parks Bonifay, who successfully took to the water aged six months and 29 days. Zyla, who was six months and 27 days old when she made her attempt, managed to beat this record by a mere 48 hours.
Sky News