For all those who want to savour the desserts without having to wait for the last course, only to find that you are too full to actually partake in it, Goodies Cinnamon Lakeside is one exciting option. The basement coffee shop is ideal for those who want to grab a snack while rushing around. The open cafe is not exactly for intimate confidences or for relaxing around whole day. It has no particular view to enjoy and the chairs aren’t the most comfortable for sitting for long hours. Goodies is for one purpose only. To let your scandalous dessert cravings run loose and maybe let your loved ones be partners in that delicious crime.

After the initial confusion at the idea of food review, the staff was extremely friendly and went out of their way to cooperate. Especially Charith Nalaka was very helpful. Anybody who needs assistance at Goodies should contact him. At Goodies, you can make your own sandwich, with bread and fillings of your choice. From a selection of fillings, which included spicy mackerel, chicken mushroom, jerked beef, devilled sausages, fish tikka and Indian kadai mutton, we selected Indian kadai mutton and devilled sausages fillings. Sandwiched between plain focaccia bread with lettuce, it was simply a delight.

Indian kadai mutton had bell pepper and chili, with few other spices that added the signature Indian flavour to the sandwich. The bread was dry but the filling more than made up for this with its distinct blend of curry and pizza flavour. The potato chips were crispy and non greasy, a surprise. It was slightly salty and went well with the tomato sauce. The sandwich had a class of its own and needed no sauce, kudos to the chef who created it.

The desserts were above average, some exceptional. Baked cheese cake, with its single pink macaron and the strand of white chocolate, proved creamy soft. It would have melted on the tongue if not for the presence of unmixed sugar crystals I bit on. Otherwise, it was almost a sweet dream, with the conflicting sweet vanilla and slightly sour (in a good way) blueberry flavours, despite the excess use of flour. Their Raspberry mousse was red, pink and white and tasted less exiting than it looked. The thick mousse was creamy but its sour berry taste was not very appeasing.

The Strawberry tart was as pleasing as it looked. Sugar dusted strawberries were laid on a thick layer of buttery cream and was held up by an éclair. The Sour and sweet taste of strawberries, mingled with sugary butter and crispy smooth bread, was a provocation that surrenders their pleasures. It was an explosion of sweetness with a pleasant sour flavour that amplified with time.

The drinks were average with ups and downs. Caramel frappe was a sugary affair with whipped cream and caramel sauce. All other flavours were almost subdued by the sweetened milky flavour. A tinge of caramel announced its presence before disappearing down the throat. It would certainly exhilarate those with a sweet tooth, but the rest would find it overwhelming and filling.

The Chocolate cream frappe, on the other hand, was lightly sugared and milky, with a slight bitterness that randomly surfaced from the blend of flavours. Made of cream based chocolate, topped with thick, creamy, and slightly sweet whipped cream, along with chocolate sauce, it was by no means unpleasant and would be preferred by those who enjoy the seductive tones of chocolate and less sugar.

If there was one thing that diminished the enjoyment of food, it was the few pestering flies that buzzed overhead. The crowd seems to be made of snack lovers of all shapes and sizes, from the very young to the young at heart. The noise level was moderate with a gentle hum that prevailed. Goodies is accessible for those in wheel chairs, all in all, a plus side. Also, the customers can enjoy free wifi while ingesting their chosen meal. It is open from 7.30 am to 9.00 pm and anybody could just walk in there on a whim and grab a snack, but the limited number of seating available means the place could be overflowing at times.
( Pics by Kelum C Nelumdeniya)