People’s Bank Foreign Currency Gold Fortune 2016 recently saw the completion of the first draw announcing the winner of the week. The unique promotion was created to encourage those living and working abroad to use People’s Instant Remit, People’s e-Remittance, Swift and Telex, to send money to their loved ones in Sri Lanka.

Present to make the draw was Renuka Jayasinghe – Deputy General Manager, Process Management and Quality Assurance, A. S. M. W. Kumarasiri – Assistant General Manager, Trade Finance, Nipunika Wijeratne – Assistant General Manager – OCS and Financial Institutions. The winner was N. Viyjayavani from Trincomalee town branch.

The promotion encourages people to make remittances of any amount to be eligible to receive a 22k one sovereign gold coin on a weekly basis for a period of 28 weeks.