The new Alto 2016 has arrived in Sri Lanka with a fresh silhouette and a host of improvements over its outgoing compatriot.

The spotlight is focused on the vast improvement in the fuel economy department. The untiring efforts of Suzuki engineers to make this model more frugal than its predecessor have paid off as the new Alto 2016 is 9% more economical than the model it replaces.
The new Alto 2016 achieves a remarkable mileage of 24.7 kilometers to a litre of petrol.This economy outguns most hybrid cars currently plying on our roads.

One of the main tasks the Suzuki engineers had in hand while designing the new Alto 2016 was to make a legendarily economical car more economical. Suzuki engineers have achieved this remarkable feat by focusing on redesigning the main components of the engine.

These include specially coated piston and piston rings to reduce frictional losses which in turn increases engine lifeand also incorporating drive-by-wire technology in replacing the conventional cable operated accelerator which also makes the engine more responsive and enhances the driving experience as well.A test drive will most certainly highlight the higher standards set by the new SuzukiAlto 2016.