It’s an unwritten rule that you should never, ever get a tattoo of or pertaining to a significant other. While it’s wonderful that you think the relationship will last as long as the ink, there’s always a chance it won’t. Then you’re left with a permanent memory of heartbreak, and that’s just a bummer.

Such is the case for Johnny Depp, who changed the tattoo on his four fingers from ‘SLIM’ to ‘SCUM’ recently. It’s believed that ‘SLIM’ referred to his estranged wife, 30-year-old Amber Heard. Depp is in the middle of a nasty divorce from Heard, who filed in late May.  The actress alleges that Depp was physically abusive towards her, and provided a few media outlets with photo proof.

Depp also blacked out a pin-up model resembling Heard. This isn’t the first time Depp has publicly declared his love via tattoos. When he was engaged to Edward Scissorhands co-star, Winona Ryder, Depp got ‘Winona Forever’ tattooed on his bicep. After they broke up, he changed it to ‘Wino Forever’.
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