A clash between two groups of science undergraduates of the Peradeniya University has ended with five of them being injured. The two groups attacked each other with cricket bats, stones and other missiles. The area outside the buildings of the science faculty turned into a battlefield as large crowds of undergraduates exchanged abuse and missiles. Five undergraduates who sustained injuries were admitted to the university medical centre.

There is a problem about recognition at SAITM private medical college. This had been there for the last several years. Some say SAITM Degree should be recognized, some say it should not be recognized.

There is another problem at Meegahatenne Primary School regarding school admissions.
There was a serious ragging problem at Kelaniya University.

Very often there are demonstrations by university students.

Lot of parents is sending their children to private schools as they cannot find a good government school. There are many grievances for government teachers. University teachers are also having lot of problems. There are complaints of political interference to education matters creating another set of problems.

Many government schools are not having basic facilities. There is a serious shortage of teachers.

There are complaints that schoolteachers and university teachers do not work with interest and dedication. They do not spend enough time to develop the students.
There are questions about discipline in schools and universities. There is a problem of unemployed graduates.It is not a secret that the money spent on education is a very good investment for the future.

We hope the authorities responsible will look into these issues and take very early corrective action. As general public we also must study these problems and pressurize the authorities to solve these problems. Civil Society Organizations will help by expressing their opinion on these matters.

We hope politicians will pay more attention to education problems. Very often, they spend all their time to promote their political parties. Developing the country should be their objective.

By education, we try to produce a person who can go and work in a government or private organization. Actually by education we have to produce a person who obeys laws of the country, contributes to society and participates in public affairs with wisdom. Let all of us take an active part to develop our education system.
D. Weeratunga Chartered Engineer