Currently re-evaluation of the 2012 voters list has commenced and its closing date is July 15, according to news reports. Due to a big blunder, a large number of young people will lose their chance to vote at the next elections.

One of the criteria for registration is: “To be eligible to be registered on the voters list, one must be above 18 years of age by June 1 of that year, and, of course, be a citizen of Sri Lanka.”

My granddaughter’s name could not be entered due to this requirement as she will be 18 years at end of June only. The end result is that although she is 18+ for the next election to be held in few months, she will not be able use her franchise owing to this asinine requirement. There will be thousands of cases as above, who will lose their opportunity to vote even though they are 18+ on the next election date.

Therefore, young people who will be 18 years of age within next two months (up to August 1st) should also be allowed to enter their names, so that they could use their valuable vote at the next elections. (No chance of an election within next two months).
Is it possible for affected parties to send special applications with documental proof to the Commissioner, via GNs?
Over to the Commissioner of Elections!
Sumith de Silva Kesbewa