Prasad Gunewardena veteran journalist with illustrious career,
Proficient in chosen profession overcame many a barrier.
Prestigious, pays strict attention, adhered punctuality to duty,
Philosophical attitudes in adverse circumstances, to pals given priority.

Reputed, respected, recognized high esteem, held responsibility,
Reliable journalist, indomitable character, unquestionable integrity,
Reflected penchant for active work, proved his mettle
Rare calibre, never heard of involvement in any hassle.

Adjudged as the outstanding journalist,
Acquired good name, till last breath well guided.
Attached to journalistic principles, unafraid, upright,
Always eschewed publicity, encyclopedic abilities, innate might.

Spanned close upon four decades career distinguished,
Sky high positions not his destination though work illuminated.
Sincere nephew of late veteran actor Gamin Fonseka, sans pride.
Simplicity his forte helpful in numerous ways silent guide.

Active Parliamentary lobby correspondent, news Editor of Island,
All Nation Deputy Senior Editor at demise, great son of motherland,
Acting Editor Lanka Puwath News Agency former correspondent Colombo Asian Tribune
Associate Senior Editor Ceylon Today, Daily News, Sunday defunct Friday Magazine.

Domain captured, preservence ahead full of his hallmarks
Departure a lacuna irreplaceable loss, handled many tasks.
Dignified manner disciplinarian never visible fatigue,
Desist, Dispel, Detest untruth in many a colleague.

Gunawardena’s generous innumerable meritorious deeds so wide.
Untimely death at sixty one unbearable shock to readers country wide
Needless to mention negligence in his realm never heard
Emblem of diligence never failed to keep his word.

Well informed writer adorned popular newspaper column’s n pages.
Accustomed to methodical work writing skill on varied topics filled pages.
Recollections of a respectable personality to pen in a nutshell too strenuous
Demise of thoroughbred gentleman dutiful bold n’ courageous.

Excellent command of English, proud Alma matar S. Thomas’ College Anandanayagam as warden
Noteworthy twin hallmarks stylistic writing, ability to capture readers devoid a burden.

Eternal Supreme Bliss May Guide You to Heaven to Rest in Solemn Peace.

Kumari Kumarasinghe Tennakoon