Mahinda Deshapriya

Revision of Electoral Registers for the year 2016 has commenced and the annual process of revision of Electoral Registers will give priority towards an electoral register in which no qualified citizen is left behind, says the Chairman of the National Elections Commission, Mahinda Deshapriya.

A form for enumeration has already been delivered to everyone’s place of residence and whoever that has not received such should enquire from the Grama Niladhari (in Colombo Municipality limits either the Grama Niladhari or Special Enumerators appointed by the Elections Office).

Universal Franchise is given a prominent place in the Constitution of the Democratic
Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka which states that the sovereignty is in the people and that sovereignty includes the powers of government, fundamental rights and the franchise.

Exercising and enjoying of the sovereignty is through powers of government, fundamental rights and the franchise and therefore of the three-folds of the powers, exercising of the executive power and the legislative power depends on the universal franchise.

Universal franchise can be exercised only if the names have been registered in the electoral register. Vote is everyone’s right and that it is not only a right of the citizen but also a responsibility to insert the relevant names during the annual registration of electors.