The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) is planning on informing the International Board of Medicine and Surgery (IBMS) about the low quality private medical college, South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (SAITM), and be requesting for an international investigation into the matter.

It was reported that the GMOA would highlight the direct and indirect political influences made on the GMOA for their intervention into the matter.

One of the Vice Presidents of the GMOA, Dr. K.M. Kudagama said that it was the ethical responsibility of the Association to inform the said corresponding body.

The IBMS will decide on whether to conduct an investigation or not, he added.

He noted that hereinafter doctors would have to face a lot of problems when they go abroad with regards to the quality of medical education.

“Things are not happening at the SAITM in the expected manner. They will be producing low quality doctors sans the recognition of the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC). Way back then, at the Faculty of Medicine, Ragama, even as a Government and State medical school it came under fire from the SLMC for the fact that there were only a handful of professors teaching at the Faculty. The SLMC at the time stated that they would not recognize the Faculty if the Faculty did not have more professors. The standards of private schools should be much higher,” he explained.

  • PrinceOfTruth

    Low quality education at SAITM?? The GMOA is the main obstacle; they should stop playing their double game. The quality of this PMC is much greater than that of most state faculties; the only shortcoming are that which is due to GMOA’s inteference.

  • Garawi

    That’s fine, GMOA has the right to complain to any body about their problems. But do not try to gain undue advantages from the poor tax payers of the country by asking for new duty free SUV’s and getting their chidlren to good schools as a right and who knows what next ! Don’t try to take the government hostage by threatening to strike work leaving the poor patients dying!
    And again , if they are worried about political interference in SAITM why don’t they complain about political intereference in GMOA too to the same authourity.