With every passing day, the excitement around DiVek’s wedding is getting bigger. The matrimonial will happen in Bhopal on July 8 and fans cannot contain their excitement. As per a special pre-wedding segment on IBN7’s Bhabhi Tera Devar Deewana, the lady has got her shagun (Token of goodluck) from Vivek Dahiya’s home.

The beautiful shagun has goodies like kangans (bangles), a red studded veil, earrings and other pretty goodies. Divyanka naturally looked ecstatic. While we are unsure if it was a specially shot episode or not, the wedding fervor of the couple is unmistakable.

As we know, Vivek belongs to a Jat family from Chandigarh. The groom has studied in the UK and worked in the corporate sector before plunging into the glamour industry. Vivek and Divyanka Tripathi were co-stars on Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Me Adarayai) before they met with the intention of forming a matrimonial alliance. Since their engagement in January, the anticipation about their wedding has been tremendous. Earlier, it was supposed to be a November wedding but now it is happening in the month of July.
The couple also did a fabulous pre-wedding shoot with The Wedding Story where she looked resplendent in a white gown. Vivek also looked fantastic in a Prussian blue suit. Stay tuned for more updates on the same…
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