Sometime back we saluted the President for having promised to bring back the capital punishment by hanging to contain the escalating crime of rape especially of small children (after Seya’s incident) when the country was crying for deterrent punishment for these criminals.

Pakistan and the Philippines brought back hanging for rape and drug-related offences. Many countries are contemplating bringing back capital punishment as crime is rampant in those countries to control this animal behaviour of human beings (animals are better).
In one of the states in the US, eight people were executed for drug offences. Rape of children who have not even attained puberty is the worst crime in a civilised society. Prostitution is legal in many countries (some in Asia too) to satisfy the lust of those who thirst for this should be the norm in countries where minors are targeted.

Sex is not a crime but one should know to draw the line. In some Middle Eastern countries, the punishment is primitive like stoning to death or beheading, etc. No doubt, there can be cases of the innocents being punished but the verdict given by a judge is “it has been proved beyond any doubt” and a chance is given for the accused to say his version and invariably he says, “I deserve it for my misdeeds” Maru Sira, Saradiel and Zoysa, the criminals of a bygone era said so!  If man has to make the best use of his short life on earth, he wishes to live in a peaceful, crime-free society. Only way for this is to rid society of these sexual brutes and contain the sexual violence by the deterrent punishment of hanging (Capital Punishment) so that it is a lesson for the others in this vicious circle.  We believe the President and all in authority will reintroduce the Capital Punishment to make our country crime-free.
Kingsley Durairaj Pannipitiya