Former ‘American Idol’ contestant John Stevens was run over by a van while out for a jog in Chelsea, MA, which resulted in a fractured skull, and going deaf in one ear. John Stevens, aged 24, ‘American Idol’ star of season 3 was simply out for a jog when the vehicle hit him.

It’s hard to forget the baby-faced 16-year-old who rocked the third season of American Idol. He won sixth place with his stunning voice and flaming red hair, and he’s made a name for himself with the Boston Swing Orchestra in MA. Unfortunately, the talented young man was hit by a van a few days before June 28.

“Thank you to everyone who has been calling, texting and messaging,” he began on Facebook on June 18. “Early this week I was hit by a van while out for a run and suffered a fractured skull and dislocated and broken arm. Among other injuries and disorders I’m dealing with, it appears I will have some, if not total deafness in my right ear.”

“The staff at Mass General were above and beyond anything I could’ve ever asked for,” he continued, graciously. “My parents have taken me back to Buffalo for a couple weeks to heal and recover from the accident since I won’t be able to work.”
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