Aries (Mesha)
Mercury’s movement into your 3rd House to gain Swakshetra status on June 27 gives a keen edge to your thinking and perception while holding out gains from brothers and success in higher education Authors, writers and journalists who are Aries natives are going through a favourable time. The Sun in the 3rd House protects and enhances your power, influence and authority.  Lagnadhipati Mars in Libra imbues you a sense of justice, fairness, equanimity and an independent outlook. However, the evil influence of Saturn in the 8th House has gained strength following the departure of Mars for Libra from this sign.

Cancer (Kataka)
Mercury due to enter Gemini in your 12th House generates the effects of Vimala Yoga which sharpens your perception and power of observation and makes you worldly wise. Mental unrest, constant anxiety about children, disruptions to studies and academic activity are on the cards for natives undergoing the Maha Dasa of Saturn. Career or business success and a happy time among friends are in store for those running the Mercury Maha Dasa. Jupiter in the 2nd House assures a steady income.

Libra (Thula)
Mercury’s imminent shift to Gemini, his own sign in your 9th House to conjoin Sun and Lagnadhipati Venus marks the beginning of a very auspicious period for you.  This powerful combination holds out general prosperity, the company of the learned and the virtuous, recognition for literary skills and gainful travels depending your present circumstances and the Dasas you are running. . Mercury   in your 8th House as the lord of the 12th House imbues you with a pragmatic outlook and enhances your power of observation.

Capricorn (Makara)
Mercury due to enter Gemini in your 6th House will produce the effects of Harsha Yoga. The benefits of this Yoga while Sun already transiting in your 6th House conferring on you enhanced power, authority and influence will make very fortunate. Jupiter in the 8th House as the lord of the 12th House can confer on you a host of beneficial results including a keen perception and a practical mindset.Career success, high status and even gainful foreign travel are on the cards withMars now transiting your 10th House commanding Digbala.

Taurus (Vrushabha)
You can look forward to an increase in income with Mercury’s shifting to Gemini in your 2nd House on July 27. You will become more popular and make more friends with your manners and pleasing speech. Mars in the 6th House gives you increased power and influence and a whip hand over enemies and rivals. You have to pay special care and attention to your health at least until June 28.  Yogakaraka Saturn in the 7th House commanding Digbala can bring career success, general status and general prosperity for those running the Maha Dasa of Saturn.

Leo (Simha)
Big profits from business, and a general increase in income and benefits arising from good public relations are in store due to Mercury’s shifting to your 12th House. Meanwhile, Lagnadhipati Sun in Gemini in the 11th House continues to be favourable.  You will find yourself in the company of VIPs whose patronage would prove beneficial.Mars in the 3rd House is favourable for natives holding or seeking high political or executive office.

Scorpio (Vrushika)
Mercury about to enter your 8th House with Swakshetra status produces the effects of Sarala Yoga which can protect you from threats to life, confers wealth and gives you easy access to things you desire to acquire. Jupiter powerfully posited in the 10th House in conjunction with Rahu is capable of stabilizing your career and status while countering the malefic influences. Saturn transiting in the Lagna can cause mental pain, physical suffering and loss of wealth and property, but onecan counter the malefic effects of Saturn to a great extent by leading a righteous life.

Aquarius (Kumbha)
Mercury due to enter your 5th House – Vidyasthana will confer you success in academic efforts and happiness in the family among other benefits.  The Sun transiting in Gemini in your 5th House produces the effects of a Gnanayoga. Venus conjunct with the Sun enhances these effects. This position is favourable for natives engaged in studies and academic projects. Retrograde Mars due to transit in Libra in your 9th House can bring you prosperity, high status and gainful distant travels depending on Dasas you are currently running.

Gemini (Mithuna)
A very favourable week lies ahead of you with Lagnadhipati Mercury set to enter your Lagna to attain Swakshetra while Sun and Venus are already placed in it conferring a host of benefits on you such a cheerful disposition, a feeling of physical and mental wellbeing, a keen perception and an intellectual bent to your thinking. You are likely to fall into debt and suffer loss of property and wealth if Saturn is very weak at your birth. The Sun’s transit in your Lagna makes you bold, dynamic and energetic.

Virgo (Kanya)
Lagnadhipati Mercury about to move into his other Swakshetra Gemini in your 10th House to conjoin Venus and Sun already posited there is to herald a very favourable period for you. Both Sun and Mercury are Karakas for the 10th while Sun in addition to his Karakatva commands Digbala in this House. Those running the Maha Dasa of the Sun in particular can look forward to a new position or a rise in the career. Those with a strong Venus at birth will come in for new luxuries and comforts.

Sagittarius (Dhanu)
Your 7th House will gain immense strength when Mercury enters it shortly giving rise to the benefits of Bhadra Yoga. The Sun and Venus in Gemini in your 7th House strengthens your Lagna with their direct aspect and the Lagna will become still more potent when Mercury conjoins them.  Natives who are academics would outshine their peers. The 7th  being the 10th from the 10th Karmasthana career success, fame for their achievements and gainful foreign travels are also indicated for the natives depending on their present circumstances.

Pisces (Meena)
Mercury due to enter Gemini will generate the effects of Bhadra Yogas for as well as it falls in your 4th House which is a key quadrant. Venus already in this House is very powerful and Mercury will greatly reinforce the benefits being produced by Venus.  You are in for luxuries and vehicles for comfortable travel.  If you had plans to acquire lands and other property, they too would come to fruition provided your Dasas are favourable.  Retrograde Mars now transiting your 8th House is a warning for you to give extra care and attention to your safety.