Joseph Vijay, one of the most loved actors of the modern Tamil film era, celebrated his 42nd birthday on June 22. He is fondly called as Ilayathalapathy (young chieftain). He is 42 now and it is time people call him just Thalapathy. But his fans still prefer Ilayathalapathy, even his looks don’t quite match his age. He could still play a 20-25 year old college boy role quite convincingly. His dance movements are also fast for a 42 year old. He is probably the youngest 42 year old.

Forty-two years with an acting experience of 24 years in his bag (not counting his childhood acts), he is one of the hottest property of K-Town right now. During his early days, many were so skeptical on how a person with such an average look could succeed in films. But today, he has proven everyone wrong and is enjoying a stardom that very few people have managed to achieve.