Amidst allegations of the use of cluster munitions by the military during the final stages of the war, the main Tamil political opposition party suggested that recoveries made in war-torn areas during demining process be treated as evidence with forensic value for possible use in a probe into war crimes allegations.

General Secretary of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), Parliamentarian Mavai Senathirajah speaking to Nation said that it was responsibility of the Government to preserve the recoveries of ammunitions and weapons in the North so that it could be used as tangible evidence in a future probe into the final phase of the war.

“The TNA will look into this issue and would make our suggestions to the Government on this matter,” Senathirajah told Nation.

Accordingly, the mines recovered are not given to the Explosives and Fire Investigation Section of the Government Analyst’s Department for testing. Head of the National Mine Action Centre in Sri Lanka, M.M. Nayeemudeen said that the mines and explosives recovered were handed over to the Army who in turn destroy it.

Nayeemudeen stated that the records of the items recovered were handed over to the international organizations such as the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining.