A case has been filed at the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka against the detainment and torture of a British Tamil, Velauthapillai Renukaruban, who was arrested when he visited the island to get married.

Attorney-at-Law Pathinathar Anton Punethanayagam said that a fundamental rights petition may be filed in the Supreme Court once the Judicial Medical Officer’s report of the examination of the suspect is received by us.

His family has lodged a complaint at the Jaffna Police and the Chavakachcheri (where the incident took place) Magistrate’s Court has been informed of the torture, he noted, adding that his impending marriage too has been placed in peril due to this.

It was reported that Renukaruban (36) resident of Ealing, England, had arrived in the country of his birth in June to marry 27-year-old Thajeepa Vinayagamoorthy. A date had been set for the marriage as per the plan and a small family party had also been arranged. Renukaruban had planned to return to the United Kingdom in June with his wife. Yet, after Renukaruban arrived back at the family home in Jaffna, two men had arrived on motorbikes, beaten him up in front of his mother and older sister and then bundled him into a van. He was then taken to the Jaffna Prison where his family located him several days later subsequent to making extensive enquiries into his whereabouts. When he was found he had sustained injuries consistent with being tortured.

“At the Jaffna Hospital, my client was chained to the Hospital bed and watched by two armed Police officers. The Police will present a B report. He was produced before the Jaffna Magistrate’s Court. The charges against him are allegedly trespassing and engaging in assault. In Court, there was no victim of the alleged assault and the details of as to how, when and where the assault had taken place were all sketchy. The purported complainant is in exile. He did not appear in Court at all. This proves that the Police are pursuing a false charge in his name. My client was never involved in such an assault and we have evidence to confirm this,” he remarked.