Her character drew first blood during the Battle of the Bastards event, and Sophie Turner told HBO that she was thrilled with Sansa Stark’s new milestone on a Game of Thrones behind-the-scenes video. The lovely actress explained, “It’s amazing. It’s Sansa’s first kill and it’s such a strong moment for her because all her life she’s been affected by these men who have just done such terrible things to her. She’s always carried it with her and this is the first moment you hear her say, ‘Your words will disappear. Your name will disappear. All memory of you will disappear.’”

And according to co-creator/executive producer DB Weiss, “The show doesn’t always give people the things that are going to make them happy, but this felt like a moment that made narrative sense, that they would win this fight and that Ramsay would come into their possession as a prisoner. His dogs were such a thing for him in this season and seasons past, such an extension of his own horrible urges. The idea that they would be turned against him and it would happen at Sansa’s hands made a lot of sense to us. This isn’t the little girl who wanted to dress up like a princess anymore. Her walk away at the end of the scene, that’s one of my favorite shots we’ve ever had. Just the little ghost of a smile on her face. She’s in Winterfell, but she’s not the person she once was when she first left.”
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