Kandy today lacks ground facilities. This shortcoming has badly affected sports over here in the hills. Some of the schools are struggling to keep sports alive as a result. Kandy is also in need of a public swimming pool. This is the time for some philanthropist to come forward and give a hand to sports in Kandy.

At present there is only one public ground and that is Bogambara Stadium. However it charges a large fee for any sport event. When one talks about Bogambara there is big history behind it.

Bogambara Stadium is one of the oldest grounds in the country. The stadium was at one time used mostly for cricket, rugger, football, athletics, netball, basketball and softball cricket. In 1897 the ground was converted from a lake to a playing field. At one time it was the site for carnivals, games circuses and gymkhana activities. It even served as an execution ground during British occupation. A number of sporting clubs including Kandy Sports Club and schools used the ground.

Bogambara Stadium was renovated into a stadium in 1972, thanks to Special Commissioner, the late M.B. Samarakoon, who initiated the renovation work with politicians such as E.L. Senanayake, Noel Wimalasena, Shelton Ranaraja and E.W. Balasuriya. Kandy Municipal Council was the sole owner of the grounds.

In 1998 the government took over the grounds and the agreement was that after the development the Stadium will be handed back to the original owners – The Kandy Municipal Council. Regrettably, it never happened. The reason for taking over the grounds at that time was to renovate and conduct independence day celebrations. But unfortunately the Maligawa bomb blast made the authorities scrap this idea. The people who took over failed to keep up to their promise. Today the poor sportsmen are suffering.