British Biogenics (Pvt) Ltd, a Harcourts Group Company recently launched Krill Oil (Core of Krill).  Ahamed Rheyas Chairman/CEO says that Harcourts has been a history of launching 1st time products in Sri Lanka.

Vitals Krill Oil is produced in the USA by Betterway Pharmaceutical Group, USA.
Rheyas says, “We’ve spent years searching, in order to introduce the most potent and powerful krill oil product to the people in Sri Lanka. Finally, VITALS KRILL OIL here. We invite you to try how it works for you. You definitely feel a noticeable improvement “
Krill oil is a fantastic new way to renew your health, feel better in your day-to-day life and live a happier, healthier life knowing you are protected and safe. Results from a study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition reported that krill oil can significantly help maintain healthy inflammatory pathways. The study was conducted by measuring the presence of C-reactive protein (CRP) levels in the blood. One way to measure the risk of cardiovascular health is to determine the amount of the body’s CRP levels. The lower the CRP levels the healthier the heart. Participants of the study were divided into two groups; a placebo and krill oil group.

During the study, CRP levels were measured three times: at the beginning of the study, after seven days and after 14 days. The results they found were that after 7 days, the placebo group’s CRP levels increased by 15.7 % while the krill oil group REDUCED their CRP levels by 19.3%. After 14 days levels in the placebo group increased again by 32.1% while the group that had been taking 300 mg of krill oil daily reduced their CRP levels by 29.7% (Source: The Journal of American College of Nutrition)