As the world commemorated ‘World Oceans Day’ on June 8, employees of AIA Sri Lanka joined the global celebration to make the planet a better place by cleaning up Calido Beach in Kalutara.

A large number of employees of AIA volunteered to team up and clean the strip of the Beach that runs between Kalu Ganga and the Indian Ocean.  The area is known for its sensitive ecosystem facing challenges such as natural erosion combined with a rapidly growing number of visitors causing pollution.

The project helped the employees to understand the importance of environmental preservation.

“This year’s World Oceans Day theme of “Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet” was officially recognized by the United Nations and this inspired us to take our own ‘Go Green’ theme of preserving the environment forward by cleaning Calido Beach with the help of our employees who readily volunteered.  It was a sincere, very symbolic effort to make the world a better place and draw attention to the need to preserve the environment for future generations” said Chathuri Munaweera, Director Human Resources at AIA Sri Lanka.