Traditional tumble dryers have a reputation of being basic, noisy and inefficient appliances, however the continuous growth in technological advancements has played a major role in the development of household appliances. Hoover’s triumphant achievements with these innovative inclusions have made them a well known brand globally and for many, a household name. Hoover has left no room for complaints by effectively addressing the entire issues traditional tumble dryers have faced over the years and subsequently introducing newer, quieter and more efficient models into the market. Enriched with attractive features and unique programmes,  Hoover tumble dryers have successfully redefined the experience of achieving professional laundry care in the comfort of your own home.

The Hoover tumble dryer comes equipped with a range of features that produce a pleasant laundry experience to all its consumers. The Sensor Dry feature provides up to 6 levels of Automatic Sensor Drying which protects your clothes from over drying whilst at the same time saves electricity. This works by simply selecting the level of dryness required instead of guessing the drying time. The humidity sensors detect how moist your washing is and stops the machine entirely when it is dry. Sensor Dryers are programmed to be eco friendly by only consuming the exact amount of power and heat required which also prevents any damage cause to the fabric due to over-drying concerns. A flexible range of drying temperatures also means the dryer can accommodate different fabrics that require different temperatures all in one go. Perfect laundry care is generated through the Unique Hydro Dry Technology which ensures there is no need to empty the water container as it is pumped out through the main water supply. This delivers performance and efficiency constantly for the entire lifetime of the appliance.

The super silent feature is more valued than one would expect it to be. A unique drying system makes the Hoover Hydro Dryer one of the quietest condensers in the market globally.  it your nearest Abans or Abans Elite Showroom Islandwide and make your smart investment today.