(From left): The state-of-the-art refurbished Call Centre being opened by K Gamage, P G Kumarasinghe Sirisena and Prof. Ravindra Fernando

The National Mobile Service Provider, SLT Mobitel together with the National Dangerous Drug Control Board (NDDCB) have launched a special nationwide programme towards the prevention of substance abuse in the country.  As a part of this joint project, the NDDCB call centre was renovated by SLT Mobitel with state-of-the-art equipment and the operator also provided a technologically advanced digital platform for complain handling.

This system is operated via IVR (Interactive Voice Response), SMS and over the phone counselling services for the general public to communicate with NDDCB efficiently with no barriers. The project was initiated under the guidance of P G Kumarasinghe Sirisena, Chairman Sri Lanka Telecom – Mobitel and Prof. Ravindra Fernando, Chairman  NDDCB as a first step towards effectively contributing towards eliminating substance abuse in the country.

Along with refurbishing the NDDCB call centre, SLT Mobitel also provided many other solutions to bridge the communication gap and provide access to information with regard to preventing substance abuse and how it can be overcome. SLT Mobitel equipped the NDDCB with a digital platform for a SMS and IVR based complain handling system where customers can send complaints in the form of a SMS to the short code 1984 which is monitored by NDDCB for necessary action. The short code also acts as a virtual call centre that connects the NDDCB help desk and counselors in remote locations to a centralized system which can be easily accessed by the general public. This short code can also be used for over the phone counselling in all three languages where callers and counselors anonymity is preserved by not revealing the mobile numbers of both parties.