Karthik Subbaraj is back again with his third directorial venture, Iraivi (Goddess). Known for his offbeat films such as Pizza and Jigridhanda, Subbaraj does not fail to surprise his audience once again with a well crafted story. This time he teams up with Vijay Sethupathi, Bobby Simha and veteran director SJ Surya. Subbaraj has worked with Sethupathi in Pizza and with Simha in Jigridhanda before.

The review will not focus on the plot since it cannot be explained in words, and also, it is best that you get the experience by watching it rather than reading about it.

The story is for all the women out there. For some, the story could be of male chauvinism and dominance. For others, the movie could portray women empowerment in a different tone. Subbaraj deals with women empowerment in a subtle way. His messages are conveyed in symbols which also help the message to be conveyed subtly, yet effectively.
For men, it is a must watch since it would question their mentality. Not all men would relate to such aggressiveness in the physical sense as portrayed by Subbaraj in the film. Not all guys would act on the emotions depicted in Iraivi. But, the emotions are more or less the same. Therefore, the movie is intriguing.

Vijay Sethupathi (3)Surya, Sethupathi and Simha have done justice to their roles. The characters of Anjali, Kamalini Mukherjee and Pooja Devariya have been sketched brilliantly. All characters have done justice to their roles, and everyone comes into the frame with a purpose.

Surya has reached new heights in terms of acting. Subbaraj has utilized Surya to the maximum and has extracted the best out of him. Needless to say, being a director himself, Surya has understood his role and played it perfectly. The final scene in which Surya speaks to his soon to be ex-wife is probably the best of Surya in all his acting career.

Subbaraj succeeds in keeping the audience guessing at all times. The unexpected twists and turn of events keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Majority of the audience would not like the manner in which the story is moulded. However, the film does not fail to question the attitude of men towards women in their lives. The men will definitely leave the theatres questioning themselves. That is the success of Subbaraj.

The other notable factor in the movie apart from the storyline, narration and the cast is the music. Subbaraj has stuck to his trusted companion Santhosh Narayan, who has once again worked out a different musical experience.

The songs gel well with the film. His songs and background scores serve the purpose. Behindwoods in its review calls the songs ‘rustic and raw.’ No one could have put it better.

Vijay Sethupathi (4) Vijay Sethupathi (5) Vijay Sethupathi (2)