Singer Sri Lanka PLC, the country’s leading consumer durable retailer and authorized partner for Samsung products in Sri Lanka, has launched a range of Samsung Inverter Air Conditioners, further expanding the company’s range of Samsung products on offer.
The Samsung Air Conditioner has been designed from the ground up to be energy efficient in every sense. All Samsung Air Conditioners come with unique, eye-catching designs and colours that fit seamlessly into the interior of any type of modern home. Latest technology ensures that the Air Conditioner cools the room faster as soon as it’s turned on and then switches automatically to an energy efficient mode to maintain the desired temperature. In this context, there is no necessity to keep on changing the temperature settings or turning the Air Conditioner on and off. The Digital Inverter helps the user stay comfortable for longer periods of time, using a minimum amount of energy.
All Samsung Inverter Air Conditioners are made in Thailand and are internationally renowned for its high quality and cutting-edge design focused on a unique triangular formation.

Singer Sri Lanka continues to reach out to its consumer base through a growing network of over 420 showrooms spread island-wide and an equally established after sales service network.