Another poll has shown the Leave campaign taking the lead in the EU referendum with a huge swing.

The Ipsos MORI poll for the Evening Standard newspaper shows Leave with 53 per cent of the vote and Remain on 47 per cent.

Leave was up 10 per cent on the previous poll while Remain was down 10 per cent.

The survey comes exactly a week before polling day as the Remain campaign loses ground on the issues of immigration and contributions to the EU budget.

It follows surveys in the past week from ORB, ICM, and YouGov which also show the Leave campaign opening up a margin over Remain.

Supplementary questions in the poll suggest that key economic arguments made by Leave are cutting through with voters, while Remain is floundering.

Just 17 per cent of voters believe George Osborne’s key claim that households will be £4,300 worse off after Brexit, while 47 per cent accept Vote Leave’s statement that Britain pays £350 million to the EU every week.

That fact comes despite almost all economists and economic organisations backing the Treasury’s claim and deriding Vote Leave’s as misleading.

Polls show older voters backing Leave while the young overwhelmingly want to stay in the EU.

Assumed higher turnout amongst older generations has, however, given Leave a significant boost.

The race could be tight as polls have been wrong before: during the AV referendum they overstated the position of “change” side of the argument.

During the Scottish independence referendum some polls also shows independence ahead, though it ultimately lost.

The polling industry also called the 2015 general election wrong, predicting a hung parliament and the possibility of Labour coming back into government.

The European Union referendum will take place on June 23. The deadline to register to vote has already passed (The Independent)