The latest book written on personal development by orator and writer on Personal Development  Kelum Weligama, named “Tharangaye Weeraya” was launched recently. This book under the theme, “An ugly lump of coal which changes over a period of time is what, one day in the future becomes a beautiful diamond,” includes a number of modern personal development concepts, the core of which has been set out in a conveniently readable format. Copies of this book were first presented to leading business personalities Kishu Gomes, Deepal Sooriyarachchi, Dian Gomas, Otara Gunawardena and Sandamini Perera.

Book-Mockup_EDManagement Consultant, writer and lecturer, Deepal Sooriyarachchi said, “Quoting a saying by Francis Bacon in one place in this book, Kelum Weligama reminds readers of books that should be digested. Actually, this book too belongs to the cluster of books such as those that should be read over and over again and is suitable for use to change our lives by using the content in it in our lives.”

The book is available at book shops such as Sarasavi, M. D. Gunasena, Samudra, Sadeepa, Sooriya, Minsara, Vijitha Yapa, Surasa, Godage, Samayawardena, Rathna, Samanala, Ganga – Nittambuwa and their branches located islandwide. Priced at Rs. 480 and it is published by Vishishta Publishers.