Mawilmada speaks at CCC

The proposed Western Region Megapolis Plan will be institutionalized through an Act of Parliament, in order to make sure it remains intact as a stable ‘national policy’ said Nayana Mawilmada, Head of Investment of the, US$ 40 billion worth megapolis project.

Mawilmada revealed this, when he addressed the Main Committee of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, last week, in response to a question raised by a business leader in attendance, as to whether there is ‘bipartisan support’ for the project.

‘There is broad-based support for the project. The plan will go through the parliament and will be made law together with the establishment of a new institution for its implementation to ensure that a stable policy environment is established. If somebody wants to change the plan and periodic revisions and updates will certainly be required. It will have to be done through a parliamentary mandate,” Mawilmada said in response to the question.

In the meantime, Chairperson of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Samantha Ranatunga, who chaired the meeting, asked the senior Megapolis official about how the government intends to mobilize land resources for the project.

In response, Mawilmada said, “Some land acquisition will certainly be required, but where possible we will seek to partner with private sector landowners so that the benefits of planned developments can be shared. We are also looking to consolidate management of state land resources so that state assets can be utilized and committed for development projects more efficiently and also put forward for investments more systematically.”