When Meg Ryan made an appearance at the Tony Awards on June 12, she was hardly recognizable. But the actress is denying all plastic surgery rumours. Meg Ryan, 54, is denying all rumors of plastic surgery after her appearance at the Tony Awards on June 12 had everyone doing a double take. She does not look like her old self though. “Yes, absolutely there is such a thing as plastic surgery addiction,” said psychologist, Steve Ornstein. “The person can’t stop getting surgeries, they keep going back for more and more. It’s like an alcoholic, one drink is not enough. One surgery is not enough.” When asked if he believes Meg has a plastic surgery addiction, Steve said, “I think Meg Ryan’s face looks over the top.”

“This ties into Body Dysmorphic Disorder, where the person doesn’t have a realistic image of themselves. Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) is a mental disorder characterized by obsessive thinking in which some minor physical imperfection causes severe emotional distress. They look in the mirror constantly. Body dysmorphia is when you look at your face and you see a problem or a defect that is not really present. The person doesn’t have a realistic view of themselves and so they continue to seek changes. They see a minor problem and they get obsessed by it, and end up getting multiple surgeries or cosmetic treatments to correct the problem. Ultimately so much work has been done, what was initially a small concern looks worse,” the psychologist continued.
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