Omar Sahib, the recently launched e-commerce solutions enabler, is geared to take up the task of enabling SME’s to enter into the sphere of e-commerce at affordable cost without facing significant barriers. offers services such as Plug and Play websites, Shopping Carts, Payment Gateways and Buy buttons for businesses through social media selling and other tailor-made solutions based on their client’s needs.

Commenting on this, Founder and CEO, Omar Sahib said “We provide an array of products and services to suit any business, especially the SME’s. Our offering ranges from creating basic websites or application complete e-commerce solution including a payment gateway to email-based online payments. We launched our services last month officially and have over 50 merchants signed up for various e-commerce solutions and have already started to use our services.”

In today’s context, getting a payment gateway from a bank is often a far-fetched notion for an SME due to the cost factor and other variable that result in non-eligibility. Even when an SME manages to secure a gateway, this is limited to specific card brands. Additionally getting a developer to build a website and thereafter maintain the site is a costly exercise. was created with the purpose of expanding the online industry and enabling SME’s access to this key requirement, conveniently.