The civil society criticized the Opposition for the lack of attention towards problems faced by the common man resultant from the recent disasters and the rising cost of living.
Leader of the Jathika Sangwidana Ekamuthuwa and Member of the National Movement for the Protection of the Liberated Motherland, Ven. Bengamuwe Nalaka Thera said that such had allowed the Government freedom to move in an arbitrary direction.

The Joint Opposition is doing little to make the public aware of the Government’s arbitrary and pro-Western stance and course of action, he added.

There are still people, who were victims of severe landslides and floods and the fire at an Army camp, without houses, without a place to stay and without compensation, he remarked.

“The attention paid by MPs of the Joint Opposition with regard to this is minimal when in fact it is one of their responsibilities as MPs to do so. It is essential that they do so at this particular point in time, yet, nothing is taking place in this regard,” he said.

The Joint Opposition is not leading the people. It is however good that the Joint Opposition has promised to conduct a series of protests, which they claim they will not stop until Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, Arjuna Mahendran is removed from his post. We objected to his appointment from the beginning,” he added.