Aries (Mesha)
You have to brace yourself for both favourable and unfavourable results from Lagnadhipati Mars’ retrograde movement into Libra in your 9th House by the end of this week. Mars in Libra imbues you a sense of justice, fairness, equanimity and an independent outlook. However, the evil influence of Saturn in the 8th House held in check by Mars will snap back intohis full potentialfor evil with the latter’s departure. Therefore, you are advised to pay special attention to your health and safety and to be on your guard to ward off attempts to tarnish your reputation. The special aspect of Jupiter on the Lagna is capable of counteracting the malefic effects produced by Saturn to a great extent.

Cancer (Kataka)
Distant travels requiring absence from home, altruistic activity such as providing succor to the needy and the destitute are on the cards for you. Career or business success and a happy time among friends are in store for those running the Mercury Maha Dasa.   Jupiter in the 2nd House assures a steady income.  Increased income from the career or the businessand patronage from those holding high office indicated.

Libra (Thula)
Lagnadhipati Venus due to enter Gemini in your 9th House  to be conjunct with the Sun soon after holds out general prosperity, the company of the learned and the virtuous, recognition for literary skills and gainful travels depending your present circumstances and the Dasas you are running. Mercury   in your 8th House as the lord of the 12th House imbues you with a pragmatic outlook and enhances your power of observation.  Mars due to enter your Lagna will make you dynamic and energetic but expose you to accidents.

Capricorn (Makara)
You can look forward to enhanced power, authority and influence following the Sun’s entry into your 6th House on June 14.  Your 5th House remains strong due to the transit of Mercuryassuring happiness from children and high recognition for literary and academic efforts. Jupiter in the 8th House as the lord of the 12th House can confer on you a host of beneficial results including a keen perception and a practical mindset. Mars’ retrograde movement into your 10th House by the end of this week raises the prospect of a rise in career if your Dasas are favourable.

Taurus (Vrushabha)
Mars movement into your 8th House by the end of this week is a warning for you to have the need for safety uppermost in your mind. However, Lagnadhipati Venus’ direct aspect over Mars will greatly mitigate the evil influence of Mars. You are likely to experience a sharp drop in your drive and energy and the zest for the workaday affairs due to the Sun’s departure from your Lagna for the month-long transit in Gemini. Foreign travel or a distant journey is on the cards for those running the Maha Dasa of Rahu.

Leo (Simha)
Lagnadhipati Sun due to move into Gemini in your 11th House continues to be favourable though the benefits it is due to confer are different. You will find yourself in the company of VIPs whose patronage would prove beneficial. There would be an all-round increase in your income. Mercury has moved into your 10th Karmasthana adding further strength to it.   You are assured of bright career prospects, fame, and enhanced living comforts, success in educational pursuits and peace and happiness at home.

Scorpio (Vrushika)
Retrograde Mars is due to exit your Lagna by the end of this week leaving you to the mercy of Saturn who will be alone in the Lagna. Saturn can confer nothing but mental pain, physical suffering and loss of wealth and property unless he happens to be a strong Yogakaraka at birth. One can counter the malefic effects of Saturn to a great extent by leading a righteous life and acting with prudence and foresight under all circumstances. Venus due to move into your 8th House on June 13 as the lord of the 12th House makes you frugal-minded and imbues with acumen and a pragmatic outlook.

Aquarius (Kumbha)
The Sun due to begin transiting in Gemini in your 5th House can generate the effects of a Gnanayoga. Venus conjunct with the Sun enhances these effects. This position is favourable for natives engaged in studies and academic projects. Retrograde Mars due to transit in Libra in your 9th House can bring you prosperity, high status and gainful distant travels depending on Dasas you are currently running. Saturn now left alone in the 10th House can confer a high position or a rise in your career if you are the running Maha Dasa of Saturn.

Gemini (Mithuna)
The Sun’s transit in your Lagna in conjunction with Venus beginning June 14 heralds a favourable period for you. This change can mark the end of a lackluster humdrum time giving way to a proactive and energetic lifestyle. An increase in your income from your career, business or   self-employment is strongly indicated. You will find yourself in an environment where you can go about your workaday affairs with a calm and a clear mind. Mars’ transit in your 7th House beginning June 18 will produce beneficial results such as career success, gains from foreign sources and bright matrimonial prospects.

Virgo (Kanya)
You will greatly benefit from the Sun’s movement into Gemini in your 10thHouse where he commands Digbala.  Those running the Maha Dasa of the Sun in particular can look forward to a new position or a rise in the career.  You are warned on time of a possible attempt to taint your reputation whichcould greatly affect your career.  Those with a strong Venus at birth neednot fear this threat. A favourable period that holds out general prosperity, high status and achievements has just begun.

Sagittarius (Dhanu)
The Sun and Venus due to move into Gemini in your 7th House shortly strengthen your Lagna with their direct aspect. However, Venus in the 7th House in transit is not favourable for your spouse who might suffer from ill-health.  Mercury in the 6th House holds out a threat to your health.  You are warned to take special care to protect yourself from ailments that could affect your organs in the lower abdomen. Retrograde Mars due to transit in Libra in you 11th House can bring you increased wealth.

Pisces (Meena)
You might experience a slight drop in your power and influence with the Sun leaving your 3rd House for the 4th on June 14. The Sun is generally weak in the 4th House which represents the mid-night. However, Venus due to move into your 4th House on June 13 will produce very favourable results such as happiness in the family, peace of mind and success in educational pursuits. Your 3rd House remains strong due to the presence of Mercury holding out rewards and high recognition natives who are writers, journalists and those actively engaged in the field of mass communications.