The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) noted that investors may not want to come to Sri Lanka when they know that enforceability of contracts takes a very long time.
Sri Lanka is ranked 161 amongst 189 countries in a survey conducted by the World Bank on the efficiency of enforcing contracts, Director of Policy and Programmes at the AHRC and the Asian Legal Resource Centre, Basil Fernando said.

He added that law enforcement is threatened because the Government does not provide the country with adequate financial (including budgetary allocations) and other resources to have an adequate number of judges, prosecutors and competent criminal investigators.
Witnesses may not come to Court as they get tired after many visits to the Courts as postponements are made and as a result unjust outcomes may result in cases, he remarked.

“There are delays on the part of the Government in dealing with the laws delays. The Government has not been able to convince the Sri Lankan people that restoring of a functional criminal justice framework, essential for enforcing the law, is a priority. Justice institutions and establishments do not inspire the confidence of the people. There are only fewer than 50 State Counsels looking into large amounts of files. It is no surprise that as much as five to seven years is taken to file an indictment and much more time is taken before the end of the trial which still leaves further time for the appeals. This is inexcusable. The organized legal profession itself is failing to defend the legal system and their profession,” he mentioned. (RLJ)