Singer Sri Lanka PLC, the country’s premier consumer durables retailer last week said it was in the forefront in paying attention to mostly needed goods and services for those affected in recent floods and landslides. The recent disaster completely disrupted the living conditions of many in different parts of the country while many others are still in need of recovery to settle back to their day-to-day routines. Singer Sri Lanka, from the very first moment of this disaster, managed to take remedial actions with emergency relief and to provide them with necessary commodities that was required the most, at the preliminary stage.

As the secondary move, the organization revisited the affected areas and provided them with required support for cleaning their residents, water wells and offered free of charge services on repairs etc. Fifteen Teams consisting of 50 employees including technicians were deployed in  supporting the affected areas, using Singer service vehicles with required accessories to collect and speed up the repair process of appliances.

In addition to free service support, company also decided to extend a special discount of 20% for any new item purchased by flood affected customers, to get going with their life styles as before.

“We have made all possible actions to support our communities to get out of the situation faster and re-settle through various projects taken to their doorsteps, as a part of our commitment to serve the society,” Group CEO of Singer Sri Lanka, Asoka Pieris said.
He further added that Singer has voluntarily taken a leading role in emergency relief, as a responsible corporate citizen in assisting communities during the recent natural disaster.