The Sri Lankan Movement for Truth, Justice and Reconciliation noted that promotions to the Sri Lanka Teachers Service, Sri Lanka Principals Service, and the Sri Lanka Education Administrative Service, were not being done in a fair manner.

Member of the said Movement, Kingsley Karunaratne said that the grievances of the minorities in the country should be addressed through sessions which incorporated dialogue.

Addressing problems pertaining to education, former Director of Education, B.C.I. Perera explained that financial resources and other facilities provided were not equally distributed among the minority communities and groups by the relevant line ministry and also by the Provincial Councils.

“Recruitment of teachers is not done according to the needs of minority groups. This should be done according to the ratios of the population. The minorities are being discriminated. When education reforms are introduced, and in the preparation of textbooks for subjects like history and social studies, it is obvious that in the book writing panels and committees, there is no minority representation. Recruitment to all other administrative services should be based on the proportionality of minority groups,” he added.