Sometimes even your feet can embarrass you. This generally happens when they begin to stink, making those around you run for cover. Feet odour is technically referred to as eccrine bromhidrosis and is common in pregnant women, teens, the elderly and those suffering with heart disease or diabetes. Stress could also contribute to feet smell. This odour is caused by perspiration on your feet; when you wear shoes or socks, this sweat does not evaporate. This provides a breeding ground for natural bacteria on the skin, hence the stench. Getting rid of the odour includes treating your feet as well as cleaning the shoes and socks.

Wash your feet
This does not mean holding them to the shower while you bathe. It is important to wash thoroughly with soap daily. Then, pat dry thoroughly with a towel, paying attention to the area between toes. Blow dry your feet with a hair dryer if you have athletes foot or nail fungus. Make sure that the temperature is turned to
the lowest. This would remove the moisture and prevent infection.

Shoes and socks
When you buy shoes and socks, go for those made of breathable material. Cotton results in less sweat produced due to higher ventilation. This would, in turn, result in lesser bacterial growth.

When it comes to shoes, leather or canvas shoes is the best. It is essential that you always wear socks. Wearing shoes without socks would result in sweat accumulation in shoes, along with dirt, dead cells and bacteria. This would increase the foot odour. Socks should be changed daily; maybe few times a day if it’s warm and sweaty. Turn them inside out and put in the washing machine.

It is important to air out shoes after wearing them. If possible avoid wearing the same pair of shoes two days in a row. Once you remove them, leave them out in a well ventilated spot, preferably with lot of sunlight.

Home remedies

Baking soda and lemon
Baking soda controls odour, kills bacteria and fungus and softens the skin on feet. Lemon, being an astringent, would reduce excessive sweating and scent your feet with a pleasant, fresh smell. Take a foot basin and place a quarter cup of baking soda in it. Then pour eight cups of warm water on top of baking soda. Add the juice of a fresh lime to the mixt. Make sure the water is not warm enough to burn and then soak your feet in and swirl the water with them. Soak for 15 minutes and then dry completely. Repeat daily until the odour subsides.

Black tea
Tannin in black tea is considered to be an effective remedy against smelly feet. Take a foot basin and pour four cups of boiling water into it. Then add five bags of black tea. Remove the tea bags after 10 minutes. Wait for the temperate of the basin to go down to a tolerable level. Then soak your feet for 20 minutes, remove them from water and pat dry. Repeat daily.

Acidic properties of vine serve as an effective remedy against the bacteria that causes foot odour. Mix half a cup of vinegar with eight cups of warm water. Pour this to a foot basin and soak your feet in. Leave feet in for 15 minutes. Then remove feet and wash with soap and cold water to remove the vinegar smell. Pat dry thoroughly and repeat daily.