Cleaning your makeup brushes isn’t the most enjoyable thing to do, but it is rather important. Over time, the bristles can become a breeding ground for bacteria that could lead to breakouts. So, it’s crucial to clean the tools at least two times a month. Those who use their brushes more than the average woman may need to squeeze in even more washes. If the fibres feel stiff that means you’re overdue for a scrubbing.

Stop pushing the task to the bottom of your to do list, and get squeaky clean brushes with these three easy steps.

1. Wet
Saturate each bristle with lukewarm water. It doesn’t matter if the brush is made of synthetic or natural fibres, be sure to concentrate the running water on the tips as to avoid contact with the glue that holds the bristles in place. Over time, the constant contact can weaken the adhesive and result in unwanted shedding.

2. Swirl
Either on a clean towel or in your hands, swoosh the wet brush in a circular motion into a cleanser of your choice. Many beauty bloggers swear by classic anti-bacterial dish liquid. All you have to do is rinse the brush and repeat until the water runs clear. If you have gunks of product build-up, you’ll want to reach for a solution made specifically to remove makeup.

3. Dry
Instead of letting brushes dry standing up, hang them upside down for at least four hours. Gravity will help all of the moisture to properly evaporate, and preserve the shape of the bristles.