The National Security Council has instructed the commanders of the tri-forces to remove all ammunition dumps from populated areas.

Military Spokesman, Brigadier Jayanath Jayaweera said that as such the lands where ammo dumps would be constructed, which would be away from populated areas, would be declared no man’s land.

While the Military is presently assessing the extent of the damages in Salawa, Kosgama in view of repairs, Assistant Director (Early Warning) of the Disaster Management Centre, K.A.D.P.K. Kodippili said that they too had commenced an assessment of the damages and losses.

The plans have not yet been laid out as firstly proper reconnaissance must be conducted, secondly proper land must be obtained for this purpose, thirdly the proper construction of ammo dumps must be done, and fourthly adequate security arrangements must be made, Jayaweera observed, adding that all of this would take a considerable amount of time.   “If the people in the area are to be relocated, there will be a problem of land. To deal with the land issue, we have come up with this solution. Therefore, there is no requirement to create a buffer zone between the military (Army) camps and the human settlements. This will take place under the directions given by the National Security Council,” he mentioned.