Generally a person tends to try out smoking in his teens. Nicotine is one of the lethal and toxic chemicals tobacco contains. It is a highly addictive type of poison, also used as a pesticide. If anybody chews betel with tobacco or smokes a cigarette, e-cigarette or a beedi, these toxic chemicals enter his or her blood stream.

Craving for nicotine manifests is the thirst or the desire to smoke a cigarette, e-cigarette or beedi or chew betel with tobacco. Addiction for this toxic chemical is a mental disease. But there is an easy way of curing this disease, says Dr. Danushka Dissanayake serving at the Army Hospital.

Any substance which disfigures the normal functions of the nerve system and intoxicates, is referred to as a hard drug. Knowing very well that these drugs are not suitable for their bodies and economy, people continue using the same substance. There are about 4,000 chemicals in a tobacco leaf. Of them more than 250 are highly toxic. About 65 contain carcinogens.

Why crave?
These people have been fooled by the subtle trap of nicotine. The toxic
chemicals and tar contained in a cigarette harm most of the cells in our body – from the head to toes. It causes impotence, strokes, heart attacks and cancer. Those who smoke know the consequences of smoking. They are fully aware that smoking reduces life expectancy. But their mind won’t allow them to kick the habit.

Even the smoker is unaware of the nicotine trap until the cigarette kills him. He is oblivious of the consequences. The tobacco industry misuses the trap to earn bountiful profits. The nicotine trap is an undisclosed, surreptitious process. If the general public knew about this trap, they would have never got hooked.

Nicotine is a dissolvable toxic chemical. When one chews betel with tobacco or smokes a cigarette, nicotine gets into the blood stream and circulates throughout the body. Nicotine dissolved in the blood and discharges along with urine and sweat. When the nicotine level in blood declines, the smoker gets an empty, insecure feeling and needs to consume any nicotine containing product – betel with tobacco, a cigarette or e-cigarette – to fulfil his nicotine need. This is called ‘nicotine withdrawal symptom’. This is a mental factor which affects the mental well-being of a person.

If smoking brings satisfaction, why do people attempt quitting, throw the cigarette away half way and ask others not to smoke?

Using tobacco is similar to trying to put off a fire inside the body. The one who attempts to quit, when he is caught in the nicotine trap feels empty and insecure, attempting to rid of the desolation of being nicotine-free by using cigarettes. But one cannot enhance mental well-being, using poison. Reverting to smoking again at great risk to his health. The more he thinks a cigarette brings him pleasure, the more he craves smoking.

Easy way to quit
Cultivate a mentality that you can stop smoking is the easiest way to quit. Ask yourself if smoking had helped you to derive the benefits you expected through smoking. You will realize that there is no rational reason for you to smoke. This is enough reason for you to harness your willpower to quit.

A British who had smoked 100 cigarettes a day stopped smoking completely by following this easy method. He authored a book titled Easy Way to Stop Smoking! This book has been translated by Dr. Danushka Dissanayake into Sinhala. The beauty of this method is you will not get a feel like continuing to smoke, once you finish reading the book. All the blunders that one had made by smoking throughout life could be identified using the method in this book.

Worldwide medical professionals and non medical professionals are engaged in preventing potential users from taking up the habit of tobacco smoking.

Similarly there is another sector committed to helping those who are struggling to quit smoking. They render a great service by convincing people that they have been deceived by nicotine trap and encouraging them to quit smoking. Banning sale of cigarettes in loose form or in mini packs to make it less affordable for youth to purchase cigarettes is an ideal strategy to help protect young people from tobacco smoking.

  • Crunchy2k

    One has to be aware of scams such as this one when thinking of quitting. Cold turkey has 96%.

    The latest 4th generation e-cigarettes mimic the smoking experience close enough to have an immediate >25% success rate. Plus those that still dual use will quit if desired within a year. It takes some people a little while to shift their habit from tobacco to e-cigarettes. The more you use one, the closer you will come to quitting unlike the other methods that are based on degrees of abstinence. Just save your money and go to an e-cigarette forum like ECF forum.