Singer Sri Lanka PLC has launched “Singer -Show Me How”, a dedicated YouTube channel and a smartphone app that will help educate Singer customers and the general public on how to use their electronic home appliances properly. This is the first ever of such solution offered to consumers in the South Asian region and can be accessed through

“Singer – Show Me How” offers a series of online product demonstrations that will lead the way to guide consumers in correct ways to install their electronic home appliances and how to use them efficiently  saving time and money. The videos will also help protect the customer from possible harm while safeguarding the item from damage that may occur due to improper usage. The product range will display a “Singer – Show Me How” sticker that directs the customer to the product demo and they can use two ways to access the demo video. The first option allows using the barcode or QR code scanner app on the smartphone to directly access the videos on the YouTube channel. The second method helps download the  “Singer – SHOW ME HOW” Android app to your phone and then watch demo videos through the app.