Cinnamon’s city hotels – Cinnamon Grand, Cinnamon Lakeside and Cinnamon Red – will welcome Ramadan this year with an array of Iftar offerings.

Cinnamon Grand’s The Taprobane restaurant and Shisha Lounge, Cinnamon Lakeside’s The Dining Room and Cinnamon Red’s Flavoured will provide the perfect ambience for breaking fast during this sacred month in the Islamic calendar.

Cinnamon Grand’s The Taprobane will lay out a spread of Middle Eastern favourites consisting of cold mezze, soup, carvery, main courses, action and roti stations. The likes of hummus, baba ganoush, fattoush, mutabal, a variety of kanji, dajajmashwi, lamb maeshi, chicken molokhia biriyani, kabsa, samakharrah seafood, Arabic mixed grill, kibbeh sandwiches, mini beef steak, grilled lamb shawarma and more will be featured in the buffet.

The set menu, is also served at The Taprobane. This menu includes a range of thirst busters such as faluda, tamarind, lassi, kanji, Arabic old and hot mezze platters, a choice of mains comprising braised lamb shank, Iranian zereshk rice and modha fillet hara with steamed rice, along with desserts – onali, basbousa, baklava, halva.

Cinnamon Lakeside’s The Dining Room will also host a special Iftar buffet while Cinnamon Red’s Iftar menu at Flavoured consist of sugar crystals, dates, khouhsaf, conjee, boiled vegetables, samosas, kebab, fattoush salad, fresh fruits, faluda and fruit juice.