The Flash’s Season Two ended with a bang and has left its fans desperately waiting for more until it airs next year with Season Three. The Race of His Life  had plenty of great moments, but in the end it was more notable for the groundwork it laid than the way it wrapped up the conflict with Zoom and paves the way to one of the best DC comic stories ever told.

This episode also featured some of the coolest uses of Barry’s powers so far such as the scene of Barry punching Zoom and lightning speed, leaving the villain a bloody mess.
But even more intriguing was Barry’s decision to tap into his speed and summon a timeline remnant. This was a great moment because it allowed the chance for Barry to literally sacrifice himself for his friends without robbing the series of its main character. It would be really interesting if the show addressed the question of whether the real Barry or the copy Barry survived the fight.

Before talking about the big twist that ended this episode, it’s worth mentioning the other twist involving the reveal of the man in the iron helmet. It turns out that those who predicted it was Jay Garrick and those who predicted it was Henry Allen were both correct. Sort of. This reveal was welcome for a number of reasons. For one thing, it means that the show now has a Jay Garrick who actually lives up to the heroic standard of the comic book version.

As for the big twist, that was a hell of a way to wrap up the season. At this point it seems that any romantic interaction between Barry and Iris is a sign that Barry is about to royally screw with the timeline. His trip in Out of Time was nothing compared to what he did this week. Barry committed the unthinkable by doing what he failed to do in Season 1 and stopping Thawne from murdering his mother. The parallels between this scene and the one in Out of Time were terrific. Barry might have been pleased with himself, but seeing his younger self fade out of existence was all the proof we needed that something terrible is about to happen.

Barry saving his mother in the ongoing comic series has led to what is known as the Flashpoint Paradox; where the small act of saving his mother had affected the entire world – Bruce Wayne dies while his parents survive and becomes Batman and the Joker, Superman’s pod crashes into Metropolis and has cataclysmic consequences, Aquaman and Wonder Woman are at war and a lot more chaos unleashed on the world.

Of course, the television series would not be touching on all of the aspects of the comics (hopefully they do) but it would be interesting to see a new interpretation of the Flashpoint Paradox.                          SDK