South East District Police have claimed to have busted a kidney trade racket with the arrest of six persons, including the personal staff of doctors at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital here.

Apollo Hospital has distanced itself from the racket and said they ensured full cooperation with the police. They said in a statement that they were a “victim of a well-orchestrated operation to cheat patients and the hospital”.

According to the police, the members of the network first sought details of the patients requiring kidneys and then lured poor donors based outside Delhi with the help of middlemen. The arrests were made around 9 p.m. on Thursday at Apollo Hospital in southeast Delhi. The police were tipped off about their presence, a senior officer said.

The accused include three middlemen, who are believed to have sold at least four kidneys so far in Delhi, and three potential donors, including two women, who were picked from a village in north India, the official said.

A case regarding the matter has been registered at Sarita Vihar Police Station and the accused are being interrogated.
(The Hindu)