The trials and adventures of journalists are portrayed in many movies.There is a fair share of romantic movies where the story revolves around a journalist. Here is a list of some of the all time favourites.

Never been kissed
Josie Geller (Drew Barrymore) is the youngest copy editor at Chicago Sun Times. Her dream of being a reporter comes true when the opportunity is thrust at her at an editorial meeting. Posing as a high school student, she goes back to her old school as an undercover reporter to research on popular high school culture. Josie was unpopular at high school when she was a student and as a result she is insecure and never had an actual relationship, despite her highly successful academic career.

Back at high school, ghosts of her past keep haunting her and she was constantly snubbed by the popular crowd at school. She manages to make friends with Aldys (Leelee Sobieski) a kind-hearted girl who is also unpopular because she is a ‘nerd’. Josie is soon introduced into the intelligent crowd of the school and she is contented with her life. However, tension begins to build up when a rival paper scoops on underage drinking at a local hangout called ‘The Court’. Her editor in chief (Garry Marshall) threatens to fire both Josie and her managing editor (John C Reilly), if the high school story doesn’t come out right.

As a result, her managing editor arranges for Josie to wear a hidden camera and the entire staff begins to watch her movements at high school. Josie manages to impress her English teacher, Sam Coulson (Michael Vartan) and begins to fall in love with him. She is still haunted by the memory of her high school prom, where she was humiliated by a popular boy at that time. With the help of her brother Rob (David Arquette), who also comes to high school as an undercover student, Josie enters the popular crowd, and Aldys and she part ways. Sam begins returning Josie’s feelings, though unspoken. Her editor wants her to write the article on teacher student relationships, which she refuses to do. Josie attends the prom and is crowned prom queen but she reveals that she is an undercover reporter when the popular crowd tries to pull a prank on Aldys. Sam thinks Josie used him for a story and is furious. In the end, Josie writes her true experience and asks Sam to “come kiss me, my first real kiss”, at the end of the article.

How-to-lose-a-guy-in-10-daysHow to lose a guy in ten days
Composure Magazine’s ‘How To’ columnist, Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson) is researching on an article on how to make a guy leave you in 10 days. At the same time a marketing executive Benjamin Barry (Matthew McConaughey) is looking for an opportunity to take over a diamond advertising pitch from his rivals. He tells his boss that “the skills required to market diamond are the same as that required to make a woman fall in love”. He bets that he could make any woman fall in love with him. His boss tells him that if he could make a woman they pick fall in love with him by the time of the company’s ball, the diamond advertising campaign would be his. That night, Andie and Ben were at the same party and Ben’s rivals, picks out Andy as the prospective woman for Ben. They were fully aware of her assignment, as they were at Composure magazines office earlier that day.

As they get together, neither of them reveal their real intentions. Andy tries her best to make Ben leave her, being posessive and overly sensitive, making Ben get knocked out at a movie, asking him to get her a drink just before the last goal of a basketball match, moving her belongings into his apartment to soon and ruining the boy’s night. Ben sticks with her hoping to make her fall in love and suggests couples therapy when they almost break up. They attend counseling, where Andy’s friend poses as the counsellor and suggests that Ben takes her to meet his family.

At Ben’s house, they starts falling in love with each other for real and they plan on attending the ball together. At the ball, Ben’s boss believes that Andie is truly in love with Ben. Ben is awarded the pitch, but all hell breaks loose when Andie and Ben find out what the other’s original intentions were. Andie gets to know about the bet and is furious. At the same time Andie’s boss tells Ben about Andie’s article, unaware of who is.

Andie writes the article and shares that she lost the “one person she ever fell for.” As she sets off for Washington Ben chases her taxi and confronts her about their feelings for each other. They finally get back together.

Devil-wears-PradaDevil wears prada
Andrea (Anne Hathaway) is an aspiring journalist freshly out of college. Despite the fact that she is not interested in fashion, she gets hired as the personal assistant to Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep), the Editor-in-Chief of Runway fashion magazine. She hopes to put up with Miranda’s humiliating behavior towards her for one year, so that she could find a job as a journalist elsewhere.

In the beginning she struggles to fit in with her demanding job and co workers. However, with the help of her art director she gradually fits in. With designer cloths and polished etiquette she manages to impress the writer Christian Thompson (Simon Baker). At the same time, she develops problems with her family, friends and long-term boyfriend who she lives with. Miranda assigns her to find the new unpublished Harry Potter book for her twins. If she fails she would be fired. Andrea manages to get hold of the copy with the help of Christian. Miranda begins to be impressed with her and offers to take her to the fall fashion shows in Paris instead of the first assistant.

Andrea hesitates to accept but Miranda tells her that she would be fired if she does not accept. When she tells her boyfriend about the Paris trip, they fight and break up. At Paris, she finally falls for Christian’s charms and spends the night with him. However, in the morning she discovers a coup to replace Miranda with an editor from a rival magazine. Andrea feels she should warn Miranda and does so, leaving Christian.

Later, Miranda announces that the rival editor would be appointed creative director to fashion star James Holt. On the way to a press conference, Miranda tells Andrea that she already knew about the plot. Miranda also tells Andy that she sees a great deal of herself in Andrea. She brings up the incident when Andrea stepped over the first assistant to come to Paris. Instead of following Miranda, Andrea throws her mobile phone into the fountain of the Place de la Concorde, symbolizing her parting ways with Miranda and Runway. Later Andrea is hired at a newspaper company, at Mirandas recommendation. Andrea and her ex boyfriend decides to see whether they can get back together.