Nestle Lanka PLC AVP Beverages Norman Kannangara (third from left) handing over the sponsorship documents to Consultant-Sports & Physical Education, Ministry of Education Sunil Jayaweera at a press conference held in connection with the Sri Lanka Milo Schools Colours Awards Ceremony 2015 at the CR&FC on Wednesday. (Picture by Kelum C Nelumdeniya)

The 24th edition of the Sri Lanka Milo Schools Colours Awards Ceremony for 2015 this year will be held under the watchful eyes of the man who gave birth to this event, Sunil Jayaweera. He is back in the sports scene as Consultant-Sports & Physical Education, Ministry of Education and plans to boost sports again, starting with the schools colours awards ceremony.

Jayaweera, speaking at a press conference held on Wednesday at CR&FC in Colombo in connection with the colours awards, recalled how the careers of school sports personalities like Susanthika Jayasinghe, Chaminda Vaas, Steinwall, Thilini Jayasinghe, Nalaka Weerakkody and Niluka Karunaratne received a lift after receiving school colours.
This year’s ceremony features 352 recipients from 26 disciplines. The ceremony will be held at BMICH on June 10 at 2pm with the participation of Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam as the chief guest.

Jayaweera stressed the fact that the future of sports is with school kids, hence they should be recognized. “The recognition of athletes should be done taking into consideration all sports in Sri Lanka,” said Jayaweera.

He said that he hoped to conduct physical fitness programmes, a kids athletic championship and many more programmes and added that he intends to rope in Milo as the sponsor for these upcoming sporting events. “I think Milo is addicted with school sports activities. Now they not only play the role of sponsor, but go beyond that and do the organizing too,” he said.

The recipients of awards were considered for honours taking into consideration certain criteria where winning at national level and representing the country were on top of the list.

Nominations for colours had come from sports bodies governing disciplines like cricket, water sports, tennis, throw ball, squash, carrom, Taek Won Do, handball, aerobic gymnastics, table tennis, athletics, swimming, chess and karate.

Nestle Lanka PLC AVP Corporate Affairs and Communications Bandula Egodage speaking at the briefing said that he was delighted to see the return of Jayaweera to administrate sports at the level schoolchildren are involved. “Mr. Jayaweera showed the way and gave us his blessings to continue from where he stopped. Even now we place a lot of hope in him where developing sport is considered,” said Egodage.

Nestle Lanka PLC AVP Beverages Norman Kannangara stressed the importance of nurturing schoolchildren in sport at grassroots level. He assured the continued support of Milo for school sports.

Sri Lanka Sports Council Secretary Upali Amaratunga also spoke at the occasion.