The civil society whilst condemning the recent assault on journalist Freddie Gamage called on the relevant authorities to conduct a comprehensive investigation and bring those responsible for the attack to book and take legal action against them.

Gamage was assaulted with a pole by two persons who had come on a motorcycle, when he was on the way to cover a meeting of the Negombo Municipal Council last Thursday.
The Centre for Human Rights and Research (CHR) vehemently condemned the assault on Gamage.

Advisor to the CHR, Rajith Keerthi Tennakoon said that Gamage had been engaged in investigative reporting, uncovering and revealing acts of fraud and corruption engaged in by politicians in the Negombo area.

This Government who came to power promising a civilized political culture and transparency, through acts like this seem to be echoing the suppression of freedom of expression and the crackdown on the exposing of fraud and corruption carried out under the previous regime, he noted.

“This death threat is brutal and cowardly. Yet it will not stop investigative journalism and the unearthing of acts of fraud and corruption,” he pointed out.