Last Sunday’s devastating episode of Game of Thrones; The Door, might have caused you to curl up in a foetal position and cry yourself to sleep.

Ice, tree roots, the cawing of a raven, the door: thoughts of them linger, like a sad dream that haunts us all. Most of us, anyway. Some who walk among us don’t know or care. Idiots!

There was a kind of reckoning between the human world and the CGI one; there was a tragedy that let us in on a deeper tragedy we’d been witnessing for years without knowing it; and there was, throughout, something we don’t see enough of: People standing up for each other.

Yes. Those of you who watched it already know that yet another direwolf died. This time it was Summer. The only other direwolf you thought had a small chance of surviving the Winter. But then again, we should have seen it coming! Summer has to die for Winter to come and the Stark words ARE “Winter is coming”.

It was Bran’s fault for naming him Summer. But then again, “The Door” revealed that Bran Stark was inadvertently responsible for quite a lot of things including Hodor’s fate.

Even worse, thanks to Bran’s decision to try testing out his greenseer powers without the

Three-Eyed Raven’s supervision, both the Raven and Hodor ended up dead (or on the verge of it, in Hodor’s case) as the Night King and his army of Wights converged on Bran’s hiding place and were finally able to cross the magical barriers that previously kept them out, attacking Bran and his allies in full force.

“The cave is a safe place — it’s like, if you’re playing tag and your hands on the wall, you’re safe from whoever’s ‘It.’ And ‘It’ is the Night King, and he can’t access them as long as they’re in there because of the magic that’s protecting this cave,” executive producer David Benioff explains in a behind-the-scenes video. “But Bran makes a mistake.

He’s not the Three-Eyed Raven yet — he doesn’t have control over these visions in the way that the Three-Eyed Raven does. For the first time someone actually sees him in the vision and that’s the Night King, which is part of the tragic mistake here; if the Three-Eyed Raven had been with him, things would’ve ended much differently. As soon as the Three-Eyed Raven realizes that there is no more time, he’s got to try and upload all this knowledge into Bran.”

However, here’s a recap of what we learnt:
1. “Hold the door, hold the door… Hodor, Hodor”
2.  We learned a LOT about the White Walkers
3. There’s a new Red Priestess in town (and she’s got the Melisandre chocker so don’t be fooled by a pretty face)
4. The Sansa-Littlefinger reunion was awkward
5. Ser Jorah’s Greyscale outlook is black
6. There were actual Man-Bits on screen (for the first time in GoT history too!)
7. Shakespeare has nothing on Essos playwrights (watch the episode. You’ll get it.)
8. Now we know why the Iron Islands exist (Poor Theon, though)

Have fun with tomorrow’s episode!