Madonna would like to apologize to anyone who has an issue with her tribute to Prince at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night. Even before Madonna took to the Billboard Music Awards stage, a petition compiled over 8,000 signatures, urging almost any big name aside from this legendary artist to honor Prince, who died on April 21 at the age of 57.
This, despite the fact that Madonna collaborated with Prince back in 1989 and even once dated the superstar. What does Madonna have to say to these critics? “Deal with it,” she wrote last night on Instagram alongside a photo of her decked in an all-purple getup.

Several hours later, she returned to elaborate via a second post: “Anyone who wants to do a tribute to Prince is welcome to. Whatever your age Gender or skin Color. If you loved him and he inspired you then show it!!!! I love Prince 4 ever.”
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  • Joseph Wilson

    Madonna honored her friendship & admiration to Prince with a great & intimate performance which was beautiful, it was simple & straight to the point. As a black man, I am really ashamed how some of my fellow black race acts at times. But we as People let’s stop being so Judgemental & Hypocritical. Stop Condemning everyone else & start looking at yourselves first!!!